We are very excited about our new math program and the amount of learning it requires from your student. We also recognize that this is most likely NOT how you learned to do math. Please don't discount the program because you may be frustrated. Please come and talk to us. We want to help you understand what we are doing and why we are doing it a certain way. We also recommend you attend any Math Nights which may be held. There, you are given hands on learning opportunities to try out the skills and concepts.
Thanks parents for your patient help and support.

Some recommended links to help answer questions or reinforce concepts being taught:
Everyday Mathematics
Parent page (Here you can find the family newsletters, glossary of terms in English and Spanish, and other useful resources.)

Everyday Mathematics
Resources that reinforce content by Unit for K-5. Click on the grade level at the top of the screen and choose the unit and concept. (Created by the Center School District in Missouri)

Click HERE for an ANIMATED resource of Math Algorithms (as well as other parent and student helps)